Sunday, 12 July 2020

from Val

Dear Friends

I hope you have been able to be out and about this week as restrictions on travel have lifted. The joy of being able to drive more than five miles is something we can now treasure after the limitations. Most cars need a good run and the sense of freedom is a joy.

The parable of the sower is well known, we often use it in our schools at Harvest time.  Sometimes when a story is familiar, we need to pause and read it afresh in order to seek out the deeper meaning. The heart of the parable is the coming of God’s Kingdom and how people will receive it.

Jesus is asking us to hear his word, to listen carefully in order to understand.  Just as a seed needs good soil to grow, so we need to allow God to deepen the seeds of faith in our hearts. 

‘Let anyone who has ears hear’ says Jesus. Are you a good listener? Most of us are not that good at listening, we listen with one ear on the television or maybe we are also doing something else. We may get the gist of what is being said, but taking on board the deeper meaning requires us to be attentive, to listen and to respond. There is a quote that says ‘the first duty of love is to listen’ and if that is true of our human relationships how much more is it true of our relationship with God. 

In the parable of the sower some listened but did not want to know, some listened but did not understand, some listened and heard but didn’t feel strong enough to respond, but some listened, heard and responded and their harvest was good. 

In the absence of Church Services we have missed that precious time on a Sunday to be still, to focus and listen. Many of us have found a quiet place within our home and garden to be still and spend time with God. I hope that even when we are able to return to public worship, we will still use that quiet place to be still before God. To be attentive to his word, to listen and then to respond.

As everyday life begins to open up once again, we give thanks for all who have sustained and cared for us in these difficult times.

Keep safe and well.

With every blessing…Val